Quilts of Valor” documentary available

“Quilts of Valor,” a 73-minute documentary starring national quilters Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson, and Mark Lipinski and hosted by Marianne Fons, has just been made available to all public television stations nationwide by its producer, Iowa Public Television. To make sure this unique and compelling program is aired on your local station, contact your station’s programming department and ask it to schedule the show.

For help in finding your local station, go to  http://www.pbs.org. Contact your station via email, phone message, or personal note to let them know you want to watch “Quilts of Valor.”  It will be available May 22, 2012.

WOW We have rain today.

Southern California has a light rain dripping this morning. I am so glad since I did my gardening yesterday and the new plants need the rain. This will be a great day to quilt all day long. I love it. I am working on several quilts and will post pictures when done. The Inland Empire Quilt Guild meets tonight in Corrona, CA. Please join us if you can.
Take care and hope to see you tonight.

Starting another QOV

Here is a picture of the current QOV I am just starting.
I would love to do feathers on this but that is just two feminine for men so I will do and edge to edge called Waterworks.

QOV needs longarmer quilters!!!

QOV really needs to recruit more longarm quilters.  These are quilts for soldiers..
If interested go to http://www.qovf.org/

Welcome To QOVF


I really love the quilts I receive to finish. Here is a beautiful one and I pray the soldier who receives it will love it.

Need a longarm service?

Send me an e-mail at thequiltedpeppers@yahoo.com for pricing and to get answers to all of your questions.

Turn around time is 2 weeks or less depending on your location and needs.


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