Quilting Prices and Services for The Quilted Peppers

Where your quilts are finished in a clean, smoke free environment.

Price varies with the design and style you choose.

To estimate cost, multiply length X width = total square inches, by cost per square inch; minimum charge $50.00.

•Edge to Edge – Designs or Pantographs

 $0.020 –  per sq. in.; large scale to small scale

•Free  motion quilting or all over meander or design is $0.022 per sq. in.

•Edge to Edge – With separate Borders $0.025 per sq. in.

•Simple  Custom Blocks $0.022  per sq. in.

•Custom Blocks with Ditchwork $0.035 per sq. in.

•Heirloom Quilting or Custom Designs

 $0.035 per sq. inch +. echo quilting, stencil or ruler work,  stitch in the ditch, outlining, cross-hatching, micro stipple.

Thread Charge – $6.00 minimum each color;

Additional services @ $0.30 per inch for binding and $ 15.00 for label

Call me for complete pricing and consultation.  I love working with clients on ideas and designs.

All my work is guaranteed and I am here to make sure you are satisfied.

Thanks for stopping by.


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